Posture Analysis, gives you a better understanding of what truly is going on with your body.  


If you have ever had a posture analysis, usually they focus on the bones and their alignment.  Aston posture analysis considers the mass of your body.  Not only your bones but your muscles and organs.  

We break the body down into 9 segments, almost like Lego bricks.  Your body performs best when all segments are on top of each other. When segments are out of place the body is constantly compensating in some way or another.  Focusing the whole body as one, rather than little pieces can lead to a strong foundations for recovery and an advanced understanding of your overall body pattern and how to fix it.

Posture Analysis is £20.




Have you ever been for a massage that you thought would be relaxing, but only to find that it was extremely painful and other than relaxing?

If you have, then not all massage is performed or used in that way.

Laura offers Swedish Massage intergrated with special massage techniques used within the Aston Practice, these methods were taught within her training in the States.  This form of massage can be invigorating or relaxing, and is benifical for the body, mind and soul.


Applying these special methods will allow you to relax your muscles and loosen tight joints, allowing the body to revert to a healthier posture, this can be virtually painless and can be a non compressive technique.  These methods allows for a deeper massage. As when force is put upon the body by the masseuse creating pain, the bodies natural response is to tighten and protect.  Giving a restistance to the masseuse making this uncomfortable for the client.