what is aston for pilates & Movement coaching

Unlike a traditional Pilates Class, that can feel robotic or military in style with very little movement and linear approach.  Aston for Pilates classes are a combination of Pilates and Movement coaching. Allowing the individual to learn what they can achieve with in their body. We teach methods and techniques to assist  and encourage movement, stretch & tone.  As we know the body is Asymmetrical.  With this in mind allows us to work with the body rather than against it.  All participants  work at a level they feel comfortable with, and beginners are welcome.


These Classes Concentrate on toning, stretching, mobilising, releasing, breathing and giving an understanding of the tools necessary to help improve daily living and well being.  For those that find mat work difficult, the use of a chair can be incorporated into the sessions.

You may wonder what is Movement Coaching?

When you see a physiotherapist or similar practitioner, they will treat the symptom and not the cause. A movement Coach will treat the cause. By educating the body to utilise it's full potential by learning simple tools that can change the way we sit, sleep, walk, carry, work, exercise, and general everyday activity.  

Teaching this way will give you the understanding and awareness of the body you never had before.

I offer, Classes, corporate classes, 1-2-1 home visits, and small groups. 

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One to one or small group classes are great for catering for your individual body types and putting in place a work out to suit you in the comfort of your own home.

Also includes a free posture analysis.



From Beginner to Advanced, these classes have a maximum capacity of 15 spaces.  These perfectly sized classes and beautiful location.  Allows the participants to receive more attention when needed. 



Bring the class to your work place.  The benefits of holding a class at your work place, has enabled employees to be more productive through the day and impoves posture and releives those aches and pains.Get the body moving again.