Laura Edgell (Founder)

Where My Journey began

My journey and passion began when I was 14 years old. I trained as a competitive ice skater and had pain with my lower back.  After being told by a physiotherapist there was nothing more she could do for me.  She referred me to a Pilates instructor, who is still to this day my trusted friend and mentor.    

Work and training

My professional career began when I was 18, I toured the world as a professional ice show skater, before landing my first ice skating coaching job in Dubai.  When I returned to the U.K the thirst to expand my knowledge for the anatomy and body in motion began.  

I gained qualification in Fitness to Music, body jam, Zumba, Stott Pilates and Massage.

Once my goal of becoming a Pilate instructor was fulfilled, I knew there was more to the body than want I had been taught.  

I travelled to Nevada USA, to obtain a qualification in Aston for Pilates, ergonomics, and movement coaching an advanced understanding of the body in motion.

"love how this work can Change peoples lives."

There is nothing I love more than changing someone's life for the better.  I enjoy meeting a client for the first time and embarking on a journey together.  Being able to help people discover what they can achieve with their body, and helping clients to be able to put in place the tools necessary for whatever life may throw at them, this has been a very rewarding experience.  Not only for myself, but for the student.

What I specialise in

I specialise in areas such as, Sciatica, Hyper-Mobility, back problems, MS, Parkinsons, pre & post pregnancy, rehabilitation for injury or after surgery.  Toning those core muscles, developmental stretching and mobilising.  So What ever the reasons for taking up Pilates and or Movement Coaching , there is something for everyone.

Not to worry if you can't get a session with myself, i have a team of qualified professionals who would love to help.

Begin your journey today​​

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