Welcome to Be Better Balanced, no doubt if you are visiting this website, then you are in need of some sort of restoration, to gain back connective control of your body, or perhaps it's some much needed you time you require.

Through out our lives, the stress and strain through everyday living, can really impact the way we move, feel and our general well being. The bodies response to our current lifestyle eventually gives in and the consequences can put unnecessary challenges on the body.

Most people in society are looking for a quick fix to bring back balance, but there is no such thing.  Learning to change the cause of these issues or problems through the way we move or think, by putting in place the tools necessary throughout daily living will teach you how to resolve the imbalances.   

We offer a range of services, such as, Pilates aiding rehab for those recovering from an injury, surgery or even special population. Pilates training  also helps improve strength, mobility, flexibility, motor skills, and more.  Movement coaching to treat the cause of re-occurring injury and or discomfort, investigating the route of the problem that maybe triggered through daily routine. Plus massage to rejuvenate and restore.

The areas we cover are Devon and Dorset.

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